Hacking News 16th SEPTEMBER

Top Hacking News Trending Across The Web.

1.Scotland Yard to the Guardian: Reveal Your Phone-Hacking Sources

2.GoDaddy websites Compromised with Malware

3.THC-HYDRA v7.0 new version released for Download

THC-HYDRA is a very fast network logon cracker

4.uTorrent & BitTorrent Sites Hacked, Spread Security Shield Malware

Two popular Torrent websites bittorrent.com and utorrent.com get

hacked.Hackers altered their download mechanisms.

5.Hackers target Mexico government websites

6.Nokia’ Developer Website Hacked By Indian Hacker

7.Federal authorities take on Anonymous hackers

8.Anonymous Hackers to Launch New Attack Tool

9.Anonymous hackers leak celebrities phone numbers, private


10.Hackers Post Nude Photos of Linton Johnson

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