Top Tech News Trending On Web.

1.Amazon Announces Android Based Kindle Fire Tablet

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2.Amazon Unveils First Ad for Fire

3.Amazon Launches Silk Web Browser for Tablets

4.Amazon Cuts Kindle Price to $80

5.Google Invests $75 Million in Solar Panel Firm

6.Samsung And Microsoft Ink Deal For Cross-Licensing Patents, Developing Windows Phone

7.Google will launch a business version of its new social network Google+ within the next year, says the company's Australasian boss

8.Microsoft loses one billion dollars every three months due to Bing

9.Larry Page: Google is its own biggest threat

10.Microsoft Delivers WebMatrix 2 Beta

11.Priceline Names Microsoft's Huston as CEO of

12.Nokia 600, 700 and 701 smart phones to be launched today

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