Top 5 Google Chrome Extensions


Ads are annoying , frustrating and they certainly not likable so

here is a solution for you, Adblock+ just install it once and you

won't be able to see ads again in your life.It is highly recommended.


2.Hover Zoom

Just just move the mouse cursor over thumbnails to view images in

their full size without loading a new page.It works on most of the

popular website like facebook,blogger,Amazon,Badoo, Baidu etc.


3.Google Dictionary (by Google)

Double click on any word while browsing and you will get the definition

of that word in a small pop-up bubble.


4.Scroll To Top Button

Scroll To Top of any page with a single click.


5.Angry Bird

Angry Bird was first released for Apple's iOS in December 2009 since

then it remains most popular game on any platform.

The game has been called "the largest mobile app success the world

has seen so far".


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