Console-Quality Games on Android; Shadowgun Gives Us Hope

Remember when phones and tablets were just used to play lame games and browse the web, in

addition to texting and all of that fun stuff? Not anymore.
With the newest quad-core tablet on the market, the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime, users can now

play console-quality games right from their tablets. The new Tegra 3 processor that Nvidia has

introduced has an unreal amount of power, which is sure to unveil an entirely new sector of gaming

and usability. You can finally play mobile games in your NY Nissan!

As more and more quad-core tablets hit the market, we should see developers following in the

footsteps of the latest mobile game to unleash the power of Tegra 3: Shadowgun.
If you’ve played Gears of War for the Xbox before, you’ll instantly recognise a similar style of

graphics and game play mechanics, which isn’t a bad thing.
While there are complaints from users that the game features some glitches and problems when

running the game on an Ice Cream Sandwich equipped tablet or phone, you really can’t go wrong

here for the $4.99 asking price.

Shadowgun has been available for older devices running Tegra 2 chips and a variety of others, but a

new edition has been released to take advantage of the Tegra 3 at the CES 2012 convention.
After all of the bugs are worked out, and after developers come on board to create powerful games

with quality story lines, we’ll see a complete revamp of the mobile game market.
Hopefully, we’ll even see some of the big name developers create mobile games on tablets now,

rather than just for major consoles and PC.

In the end, it all comes down to what you really need most in a tablet that matters most. You certainly

need to have plenty of speed, usability, innovation, and a variety of enhancements that bring new and

exciting things to the tablet world. But you also need a device that is capable of holding over the

insatiable appetite of the gaming crowd.

The new quad-core tablets and Shadowgun have done just that. Online classifieds has more

console-quality games that you might enjoy as well.

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