1.Battlefield 3 Has Record Opening Weekend

2.China Drives Strong Sales for HTC

3.Google Reader Get's new look with Google+ Integration

4.ASUS: Windows 8 tablets coming in Q3 '12

5.Life in a Day now available on YouTube

6.WhatsApp crosses billion messages a day

7.HTC: We Won't Make Low-Cost Smartphones

8.MySchoolHelp lets you share your notes

9.Samsung readies selected Galaxy devices for business use

10.Conde Nast Traveler’s iPad App Has a Size Problem

11.Disney-ABC Signs Streaming Deals With Netflix, Amazon

12.Halloween Google Doodle Features Madcap Time-Lapse Video, Trending Worldwide

13.Republic Wireless: An Android-Powered, VoIP/Cellular Hybrid Carrier That’ll Cut Your Phone Bill In Half

14.New Mobile Ad Unit Lets Developers Promote Apps That Are “Coming Soon”

15.Vodafone Launches Appia-Powered Mobile App Store In India



1.Almost 40% Of Koreans Own A Smartphone

2.Buffer Releases Android App

3.Create Your Timeline with Timekiwi

4.Apple Upgrading Online And Retail Stores

5.Reddit Gets 1.8B Page Views In A Month

6.Apple To Produce 15-inch MacBook Air[Rumour]

7.Anonymous threatening a Mexican cartel

8.Ex-Googlers Launch Vocalytics

9.Ubuntu Set To Take on Android

10.Amazon Signs Licensing Deal With Disney


Top Gaming News Trending On Web.

1.GoldenEye 007: Reloaded Launch Trailer

2.Bethesda Released a New Trailer of Forthcoming Game, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

3.Fantasy XIII-2 Screenshots Released

4.Batman: Arkham City New Trailer Unvieled

5.Metal Gear Solid HD Collection To be Released in Europe on February 3rd 2012

6.Modern Warfare 3 Disc Stolen from Factory

7.Sony: No PlayStation Vita Shortages

8.PS3 is Now Europe's Best Selling Console in 2011

9.DC Universe Online Free to Play Start Date Revealed

10.Square Enix Announces Final Fantasy Social Game


Quick Tech Wrap Up

1.YouTube to Launch 100 Celebrity Channels

2.Apple's First iOS 5 Update Is Important

3.Man jailed for hostile Facebook posts

4.Two birds top Google Halloween searches

5.Steve Martin to publish a book of tweets

6.Apple asks for help with iPhone 4S Battery Life

7.Rdio to offer music streaming in Brazil

8.Google effect: Motorola Mobility to cut 800 jobs

9.Facebook officially shuts Beluga down

10.IE9 Boosts Windows 7 market share

11.Google finally updating Google TV with a new interface


Tech Wrap up

1.BlackBerry Offers a Free PlayBook, If You Buy Two First

2.Apple’s Asia-Pacific Sales Up 174% This Year

3.Samsung Galaxy Nexus Coming to Europe Nov. 17

4.The Guardian Launches Twitter-Based Search Bot

5.6Waves Lolapps Acquires Chinese Social Gaming Company Smartron5

6.HP Announces It’ll Stay in the Tablet Business

7.Forget Your Facebook Password? Your “Trusted Friends” Could Help

8.Wall Street Journal to Launch Bestseller Lists for Ebooks

9.IMDb is being sued for publishing DOBs

10.Samsung Says Galaxy S II, Note Get ICS

11.Samsung: Flexible Screens Next Year

12.Google TV Update Rolls Out On Sunday: Better Content Discovery, Android

Market, But Hulu Is Still Blocked

13.The iPhone 4S Has Been Jailbroken

14.Facebook Sees 600,000 Compromised Logins Per Day

15.Microsoft Patents Manipulation Of 3D Virtual Objects, Throwing Gestures

16.Google+ Gets Playback Feature From Google Wave, Renames It “Ripples”

17.Google's Maps Street View service pilots indoor photos

18.Samsung Overtakes Apple in smartphones Market, upbeat on Q4


Tech Wrap up

1.Google+ Adds Creative Kit Photo Fun

2.Google+ Comes to Google Apps

3.Chinese Search Engine Giant Baidu’s Q3 Revenue Up 85 Percent To $655M;

4.Baidu’s Q3 Profit Up 80 Percent To $295M

5.Netflix Takes Up 32.7% of Internet Bandwidth

6.HP Will Keep Its PC Division

7.Windows Phone Apollo coming in mid-2012

8.Google+ now shows you what's hot

9.iTunes Movies now in 13 new countries

10.RIM Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over BlackBerry Outage

11.Bloomberg TV Begins Live Streaming to the iPad

12.Sony Will Buy Out Ericsson’s Stake In Sony-Ericsson Mobile For $1.47 Billion

13.Google Analytics Has A Weird Bug

14.Google, Oracle Trial Over Android Claims Pushed Back

15.UK news traffic drops after riots


Tech Wrap Up

1.Google Releases Chrome 15 and Web Store Redesign

2.Nokia Unveils Four New Series 40 Phones

3.Nokia Launches Their First Windows Phones: The Lumia 800 and Lumia 710

4.CBS Launches “60 Minutes” Chrome Web App, Features Interview With Steve Jobs


5.iPhone App Downloads Dropped In September

6.Social Gaming Network PapayaMobile Coming To iOS

7.Nokia Debuts Lumia Windows Phones

8.Nokia Announces Nokia Drive, MixRadio and Sports Hub

9.Yodlee Partners With Bank Of America To Bring Its Financial Apps To Online


10.Nokia Upgrades Its Augmented Reality Browser ‘Live View’

11.Red Gate Acquires Microsoft Partner And BizSpark Company Cerebrata

12.Amazon's Q3 Sales Up 44 Percent To $10.9B

13.Amazon's Net Income Down 73 Percent To $63M

14.The U.S. Requests More User Data from Google Than Any Other Country

15.Apple : Steve Jobs Bio v1.0 Had Bugs

16.Twilio launches in Europe

17.You can now preorder the Nokia Lumia 800

18.Nokia's New WP 7 Smart Phone Lumia means 'prostitute' in Spanish

19.Skype Announces Indonesia Operator Deal

20.Steve Jobs' Biography has 42 Chapters

21.Klout to launch score insights tomorrow

22.Video Calling Coming To WP7

23.Google Music To Launch In Two Weeks[Rumour]

24.HTC fixes Android data leak vulnerability - users told to update

25.Verizon Starting Motorola Droid RAZR Pre-Orders Thursday

Grand Theft Auto 5 Officially Announced, Trending On Twitter

Grand Theft Auto 5 has been officially announced by Rockstar Games with image

shown below.The official release date is yet to be announced but the image shown

below is promising a trailer on 2 November.

The above image has been embedded on home page of Rockstar Games.After

announcement Grand Theft Auto 5 has been trending on Twitter.

What you think about GTA 5 share your thoughts in comment section below.


Tech Wrap Up.

1.Grand Theft Auto 5 Officially Announced, Trending On Twitter

2.Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Comes to T-Mobile Nov. 2

3.Scrolldit : "I Heard You Liked Scrolling Reddit So I Put Scrolling In Your  


4.Artificial Intelligence Pioneer And Creator Of Lisp John McCarthy Dies at 84

5.SoundHound Reaches 50 Million Users, 4 Million+ Searches Per Day

6.Netflix Stock Falls 37% as Subscribers Depart

7.Anti-Facebook Social Network “Unthink” Launches To Public

8.Asus, Acer Android 3.0 Tabs To Get Ice Cream Sandwich

9.Google Adds Security Features To Ice Cream Sandwich

10.75% of UK use mobiles while watching TV

11.Windows Phone To Hold 12% Share In 2012

12.Barack Obama Adds Tumblr to His List of Social Profiles

13.Netflix Loses 800,000 Customers in Quarter

14.Google AdWords Advertisers Can Now Bid For Phone Calls In Search Ads

15.Japan Parliament Hit By Trojan Horse

16.Twitter hires top Googler Karen Wickre

17.Windows 8 Verification Annoys PC Makers

18.Sprint and Apple working on Speeds

19.Nokia to Launch Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 Windows Phone Models Tomorrow

20.Google opens Internet research institute in Berlin


Daily Tech Headlines

1.Amazon To Introduce a New, HTML5-based ebook Format Called Kindle Format 8

2.Google+ : Larry Page Now Beats Mark Zuckerberg

3.WikiLeaks Temporarily Stops Leaks Due to Lack of Funds

4.Apple Has Refreshed its MacBook Pro Lineup With New Processors And Graphics


5.Google+ To Integrate With Blogger Soon

6.Sencha Launches Mobile HTML5 Cloud, Sencha.io

7.Netflix Coming to UK and Ireland in 2012

8.Bonfire.im Brings IM Chat To Twitter, Know If Your Friends Are Online

9.Sony Acquires Netblender, A Developer Of Blu-ray Disc Creation Tools

10.Oracle Buys Cloud-based Customer Service Company RightNow For $1.5 Billion

11.Netflix And Amazon To Enter Video Streaming Battle In Europe

12.Steve Jobs Bio Now Available On The Kindle And In iBooks

13.China Mobile hits 10M iPhone users

14.Google Launches Person Finder In Turkey

15.Google dumps + from Boolean search tool


Here are today's top 20 hacking news trending on web.

1.Hackers leak info on Hub cops

2.Beware of Gaddafi Malware While Surfing Web

3.Phishing Site hacked for teaching lesson to Scam Lovers

4.Anonymous Hackers Take Down 40 Child Porn Websites

5.Hacking forum is a cybercrime academy[Report]

6.Occupy Wall Street : Anonymous Hackers Publish Law Enforcement Data

7.Hackers leak Citigroup CEO’s personal data after Occupy Wall Street arrests

8.Hacker Group Anonymous Threatens to Attack Stock Exchange

9.New Netflix phishing scams spreading through email and mobile

10.HMRC warns taxpayers of email scammers phishing

11.Hackers Attempt Second PS3 Jailbreak

12.New Twitter phishing attack poses as reputation alert

13.Norton blocks Facebook as 'phishing site'

14.Phishing E-Mail Scam Attacking Holland’s SNS Bank Identified

15.Opera Denies Refusing to Patch Critical Vulnerability

16.Google AdWords phishing campaign spreads

17.Anonymous hacker linked to Orlando cyberattacks arrested

18.Accused celebrity hacker: 'I deeply apologize... it eats at me'

19.Anonymous Hackers Launch Analytics Web Site

20.Adobe to fix Flash webcam vulnerability


Daily Tech Wrap Up.

1.Microsoft YouTube Channel Hacked

2.Windows Phone 7 now one year old

3.The iPod turns Ten

4.Verizon Wireless confirms Samsung Galaxy Nexus

5.Apple Goes To TV With Siri

6.HTC Sets Sights on More Acquisitions

7.Google pays tribute to elections in Tunisia

8.ARM's latest chips hint Apple iPad, iPhone plans

9.Sony Exec : PlayStation Suite will Move to More Android Devices,

10.Microsoft Debuts AT&T's Mango-Powered Windows Phone 7 Handsets


Daily Tech Wrap Up.

1.Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus coming to the U.S. on November 13

2.Google Reportedly Considers Yahoo Bid

3.Google Builds Music-Download Store

4.Sprint Ends Unlimited Data Plans for Laptops, Tablets

5.Google spends $100M for new Mountain View offices

6.Murdoch admits Myspace mismanaged

7.Hulu Serves More Than One Billion Video Ads In September

8.NATO Commander Announces End to Libyan War — On Facebook

9.Facebook Facing $138,000 Fine for Holding Deleted User Data

10.Samsung ahead of Apple in Q3 smartphone sales

11.Samsung announces $1 mn contest for application developers

12.Motorola Will Update the XOOM To Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

13.Motorola Will Update the XOOM To Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

14.Google: Motorola buy won't put us into hardware business

15.Sony reportedly developing PS4 games


Daily Tech Wrap Up.

1.iPhone 4S Now Available for Pre-Order in 22 More Countries

2.Google Reader to Get Google+ Integration

3..com Domain Closes On 100M Registrations

4.Android Market Surpassed 500,000 Total Published Applications

5.Apple Wins MacBook Pro/iPod Domains

6.ComScore : Mobile Social Networking App Audience Grows 126% In Past Year

7.Google Android Movie Rentals Now In UK

8.Sina Weibo Introduces Real-Time Search

9.Verizon Wireless sells 2 million iPhone 4 handsets in Q3 2011

10.Ice Cream Sandwich Source Code Comming Soon

11.RIM Already Having Legal Woes Over BBX Trademark

12.Microsoft Revenue Up 7% To $17.37B 

13.Microsoft Earnings At $0.68 Per Share

14.Samsung offers up the Galaxy Note's goodies, makes kernel source code available

15.Google Honored Mary Blair on Friday With a Google Doodle


Here are today's top technology and gadgets news.

1.Gmail to Unveil New Interface to Help Fight Information Overload

2.Ice Cream Sandwich Will Be Open Source

3.AT&T sold 4.8 million smart phones in Q3 2010

4.AT&T Surpasses 1 Million iPhone 4S Activations in Four Days

5.Sergey Brin & Vic Gundotra on Pseudonyms, Apps Users & the Google Plus Platform

6.New Security Threat: Infected QR Codes

7.BranchOut Launches Tool For Recruiters To Source Job Candidates On Facebook

8.Changers Launches Mobile, Social Solar Charging System For $149

9.Chrome Gets Text-to-Speech APIs

10.Sony Ericsson Plans To Release Android 4.0 To The Xperia Series In 2012

11.MC Hammer launching his own search engine

12.BlackBerry set to offer free apps for outage

13.Apple closing some stores during Wednesday memorial service

14.Sony Music Unlimited arrives for Android tablets, bearing gifts of unlimited music

15.ARM unveils Cortex-A7 processor

16.More Than A Million People Pay Tribute To Jobs At “Remembering Steve” Page

17.Over 3.4 Billion Photos Have Been Shared On Google+ In The Past 100 Days

18.Nokia to Announce Its Windows Phones Oct. 26

19.Zurb Releases a Flexible Foundation for Developers and Designers

20.Google+ to Support Google Apps in Next Few Days

21.LinkedIn Expands Into Japan

22.SRK to Hangout with Fans on Google+

23.Nokia Q3: Profits Better Than Expected

24.ASUS Show Off Upcoming Transformer Tab

25.Google’s Sergey Brin: “I’m Not a Very Social Person Myself”


Today's top 10 Android news and latest updates from Google Samsung event

1.Nexus Prime launches as Samsung Galaxy Nexus

2.Dolphin browser for Android gains cloud sync

3.China is now Apple’s second-most important market

4.Asus Transfomer 2 Video & Pictures Leaked

5.Tegra 3 Promo Video Leaks Out

6.HTC to Upgrade Devices to ICS, Doesn’t Say Which or When

7.VMware and Verizon team up for mobile virtualization

8.Google Nexus S, Gingerbread-strapped Phones to Get Ice Cream Sandwich, Too

9.Twitter : Motorola Droid RAZR Ships with Locked Bootloader

10.LTE handset shipments to hit 154 million in 2015


Here are today's some to the top trending technology news

1.Nexus Prime launches as Samsung Galaxy Nexus

2.Google Makes Search More Secure For Signed-In Users

3.Apple Updates Steve Jobs Tribute With Comments From Fans 

4.Siri Now Works With Task Management App Remember the Milk

5.Amazon Responds to Silk Privacy Concerns, Says Cloud Acceleration is Optional

6. Google has added more than 50 new features to Google Docs Presentations

7.LinkedIn Debuts Classmates To Help You Stay Connected With Your Fellow Alumni

8.PunchTab Releases New iOS App PunchBowl

9.TagMan Raises $5 Million To Track Online Ad Campaigns

10.Accel EIR Steps In As CEO Of Online Payments Platform Braintree

11.Ice Cream Sandwich Update Coming to Motorola Droid Razr in Early 2012

12.Ballmer : We’re beating Google in the cloud

13.Andy Rubin: There Are 6 Million Android Tablets Out There

14.Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer on Not Buying Yahoo: “Sometimes, You’re Lucky”

15.Meeker Says Majority Of Pandora’s And Twitter’s Traffic Is From Mobile Device

16.After 400 Million Downloads, Angry Birds Introduces New Bird; Movie Confirmed

17.Intel’s Q3 Results: PC And Cloud Growth, Atom Market Continues To Shrink

18.Yahoo Q3 Revenue Down 5 Percent To $1.07B; Net Income Down 26 Percent To $293M

19.PlayStation Vita to Launch in the U.S. Next February

20.Motorola Challenges The iPod Nano With MotoACTV Smart Watch


Here are today's top technology and gadgets news trending on web.

1.Motorola Unveils Droid Razr, World’s Thinnest Smartphone

2.Samsung Galaxy Player 4 and 5 Now Available in the U.S.

3.Twitter Has 100 Million Monthly Active Users; 50% Log In Every Day

4.Twitter CEO: Promoted Tweets Working “Better Than We Could Have Ever Hoped”

5. Apple to Release its Fourth Quarter Today

6.RIM Announces The BBX Platform, The Future Of BlackBerry

7.RIM Announces 1 Billion App World Downloads

8.Oracle Acquires Enterprise Search And Data Management Company Endeca

9.Gogobot unveils its first mobile iOS app

10.HTC Acquires Inquisitive Minds For $13m

11.Apple Website Leaks New MacBook Pros[Rumour]

12.Hong Kong Government Releases iPad App

13.Microsoft to Release its First Quarter (fiscal year) Earnings on Thursday

14.HP TouchPad gets webOS 3.0.4 update, now able to answer calls from non-webOS


15.Galaxy Nexus images and specs leaked

16.Dropbox Raises $250M In Funding, Boasts 45 Million Users

17.Twitter CEO On When Users Will Be Able To “Liberate” Old Tweets: We’re Working

On Working On It

18.Twitter Is At 250 Million Tweets Per Day

19.Yahoo Exec : Yahoo is “Fine” Despite CEO Troubles

20.New Social Network Chime Combines Twitter, Blogging and Reddit

21.Microsoft to bring its BI(business intelligence) tools to iOS

22.Musicians are the most liked on Facebook

23.iOS 5 Already Installed On 1 In 3 Eligible Devices

24.IBM Posts Q3 Revenue Of $26.2B

25.Google Wallet Now Lets You SingleTap That App

26.Apple is selling 16 iPhones per second

27.Canon announces EOS-1D X with $6,800 price tag

28.Logitech M525 wireless mouse lasts three years on a single pair of batteries

29.Nokia Essence promises 99.8 percent noise cancellation

30.BlueSLR dongle arrives for BlackBerry and (some) Android phones

The Secret behind the Popularity of iPhone and Android Application Development

Almost every softwaredevelopment company offers extensive iPhoneApplication Development and AndroidApplication Development services these days. If you are wondering who theirclients are, and if they are really getting enough business, here is food forthought for you.
Today, almost every mobilephone is equipped with a digital camera. Spend a decent amount of money, andyour phone will offer you a very good camera, a good mp3 player, a userfriendly internet browser, and a host of other features. Mobile phones haveevolved from simple devices allowing you to talk and text to smartphonescapable of offering you a range of very useful services.
Be it entertainment,communication, business or shopping, your smartphone will be able to make lifeeasier for you, no matter wherever you are, as long as your phone is within theservice coverage area. And marketers and businesses haven’t missed thisopportunity either!



iPhones and smartphonesrunning on the Android operating system are ruling the market today, along withResearch in Motion’s Blackberry. While apple offers a range of applicationsthat are sure to amaze the users, the Android market offers a huge arena ofapplications that can be both paid and free.
Even though industryexperts were not that sure whether mobile applications would prove to be thatpopular, they have seen a huge popularity today. This has prompted enterprisesand businesses to come up with their custom made iPhone and Android mobileapplications, ultimately resulting in the popularity seen with iPhone Application Development and Android Application Developmentservices.
There are unlimited iPhoneand Android applications available over the internet today, and a goodpercentage of them come absolutely free. Since these applications are receivingsuch a huge interest from the user base, they prove to be ideal as marketingand advertising media.
More and more companiesare advertising their products and services while offering such free apps, andwhile doing so, they are working with the various mobile applicationdevelopment companies. This is one of the major reasons why this industry hasflourished in this way.
Moreover, with the hugeinterest enterprise mobility solutions have seen today, more and more companiesare moving towards highly customized mobile applications that specifically suittheir operations and business. This has created a huge need for iPhone and AndroidApplication Development solutions, resulting in effective desktopvirtualization and enterprise mobility.
However, as the number ofbusinesses in the market offering mobile application development goes up, youneed to start considering how to select the best out of the lot. Budget isimportant, but data security is also an important factor when you considerapplications that allow your organization to go mobile.
Allthese factors have made Android and iPhone Application Development a highlyspecialized service today, and is therefore the secret behind their hugepopularity.

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