Facebook Launched its New Subscribe Button For websites/Blog

After recent announcement at LeWeb the social media giant finally introduces its

subscribe button for developers and website owners.

The new subscribe button allows Facebook users to subscribe to updates on

websites with a click of a button and the user starts getting updates from that

website/blog in their News Feed.

This plugin competes directly against RSS feeds and Twitter’s Follow button,

blog owners should consider it seriously.

image via official announcement

You can implement it in your website/blog via XFBML code snippet or through

iFrame.You can get the code here

It looks like Google+ is causing lots of problem to social media gaints like

facebook and twitter and they are up for redesign as facebook is about to launch

its new feature called Timeline and twitter has just launched a new version(UI)

on Android and iOS and it will be launched soon for web users.What do you think

about this battle of survival between facebook, twitter and Google+, do share

your thoughts in comment section below.

Read official announcement here

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