Opera Launches Opera 11.6 Web Browser

Today Opera has launched its latest version of its desktop browser i.e.
Opera 11.6.


The company announced today that Opera is the world’s fifth most popular

browser, behind Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox

and Apple’s Safari. Opera Software claims that they have 2.4% of Global Market

share, with over 200 million downloads as of November 2011.

Some of the major changes in  Opera 11.6 includes Revamped address field which

has functionality by which you can have quick access to your favourites, easy 

way to create bookmark etc.

Other improvement in opera 11.6 includes improved in-browser email, new browser

engine, faster and more responsive interface.


You can Download Opera 11.6 here

So with these changes will you stick with your older version or you are going to

download new version ? feel free to share you thoughts in comment section.

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