Infographic: What could you do if you owned every tablet in the world?

Gadgetfans around the world are buying up tablet computers at an ever-increasingrate, and Indian consumers are no exception.

Approximately32,000,000 tablets have been sold worldwide to date. From October 2010 to June2011, 8,000 were sold every day in India alone, with 46% of these sold bySamsung, 21% by BlackBerry, 18% by Apple, with the rest of the numbers made upby smaller tablet manufacturers. Computer Market Research (CMR) estimates thatIndian consumers will buy 85,000 tablet PCs in 2012, rising to 23.4 million in2017 as sales are expect to double yearly.

Witha size and weight somewhere between laptops and smartphones, they provide theideal combination of portability and usability. Their larger size andhigh-quality graphics makes them ideal for playing games, reading books andnews,  and watching videos. As well asconsumers, they have also been extremely popular in the business world. Theiruses in the workplace include attorneys responding toclients, medical professionals accessing health records during patient exams,and managers approving employee requests. Tablet computers received animmediately positive reception upon their release - the Apple iPod causedpandemonium, with thousands of fans queuing up outside stores to purchase theirown.

Tabletcomputers' popularity has been aided in part by the rise in low cost tabletslike the Aakash, which makes tablets accessible to everyone - research showsthat tablets costing under 10,000 Rs are the most popular in India. Comparedwith the smartphone BlackBerry Bold 9790, Datawind's Aakash seemsa very reasonable - it's priced at just 2,500 Rs for a device with the fullfunctionality of a tablet computer, compared with the BlackBerry Bold price of over 20,000 Rs.

Thebelow infographic demonstrates helps you to visualise what it would look likeif you owned all of these 32,000,000 tablets.


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