6 Benefits Of Split Testing

Split testing is a process in which a business will create multiple versions of the same ad so they can make direct comparisons in how effective they are. Although split testing is also known as A/B testing, in most cases more than two versions will be created and used. Split testing is also used to compare the effectiveness of a website layout or its graphics, but it is most frequently employed to determine how the public responds to different versions of the same ad campaign. There are several compelling reasons for doing split testing.

Avoiding Waste

If you put out an ad on a site and have no idea how effective it is, you might be wasting money on ads that are completely useless. Narrowing the field down to the best ad assures you that your money is being well spent. You can then use the money you save for purchasing more ad placements

Costs Per Click

Many ad services like Google base at least part of their pricing structure on how effective your ad design and keyword choices are. As a result, you can significantly reduce you costs per click by having better designed ads. With split testing, you can quickly determine which ads are best and eliminate them.

Time Saved

Many companies also choose to use split testing as a way to get their Internet ads up faster. This is essentially a concept of consumer testing that allows a business to use several of their potential designs at once. Split testing leaves it up to the customer to choose the one that works best.

Click Though Rate

The key to successful online advertising is a high click through rate. For a customer to buy the product or service being offered, they have to actually click on the ad to get to the site. By split testing, businesses can quickly find out which ad does the best job getting the potential customer to the product.

Accelerated Ad Production

Using split testing keeps your staff on their toes, constantly thinking about new ideas and approaches they might try. As a result, they become accustomed to producing quality work quickly. In addition, since they are working faster, the relative cost for any particular ad they produce is reduced.

Constant Refinement

Another useful aspect of using split testing is that it makes the ad production process dynamic, allowing for constant change and improvement. Instead of launching new campaigns on an intermittent basis, new ideas and improvements can be tried out almost daily.

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