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If you know about android, flash, lumia then you also must know about HTML 5. If you don’t know about any of the mentioned things then I am surprised that you are reading a tech blog. Well let me put this way for everyone to understand.

Nerds skip the following points and non geeks please continue:

  • Android is a free Operating system for mobiles like iOS for iPhone and Symbian for Nokia.
  • Flash is a technology for displaying multimedia on websites owned by Adobe and widely used.
  • Lumia is Nokia’s latest Mobile.
  • HTML5 is like something which will suppress Flash.

These are all the burning trends of market. There are many others like this and I apologize if I disregarded some technology for other.

So, the introduction is complete. But you might have questions about HTML 5. I will answer them all, one by one. Flash is a scripting language which is widely used over web, generally accepted by all the browsers to display multimedia i.e. videos, audio, slideshows, games and presentations or documentaries.

So, where do HTML 5 fix in all this. HTML 5 is also a type of scripting language which can be used to display multimedia i.e. videos, audio, slideshows, games and presentations or documentaries. Indeed, there is no difference between Flash and HTML5. However, why are people going to use HTML5 in presence of Flash? Adobe Flash Player has been in market since 2000. Obviously, there will be many people who know flash script, can program in it and can make wonderful apps with it as well.

Web pages are made with HTML and CSS combined with JavaScript and some server side scripting language. If Html 5 can do all the job of multimedia then flash will not get any place for their market in the web. HTML 5 is still under development but a lot of appreciation has been shown for them and almost all the major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer has accepted them. The question arises why people would prefer HTML5 to Flash.

There are two points, users will like, as they won’t need any additional plug-in to download to start playing any multimedia content. Many people might not know that they cannot play YouTube video if they don’t have Adobe Flash Plug-in. Similarly, Silver light apps cannot be played until and unless you don’t have silver light plug-in. The question is why developers would like to develop in HTML5. The answer is the demand of users, and browsers. Browsers will show support for HTML 5 as browsers love to follow standards. Users will love to use it as they avoid additional plug-ins. At last, developers will have to learn HTML 5 and it is not that difficult. Indeed, it is easier than Adobe Flash’s action script. Action script is a language to program Flash applications.

The plus point HTML5 has is it is a w3c standard. W3C is a World Wide Web Consortium that makes standards for the web and hence the web is flourishing so well. HTML5 when backed by CSS3 both of these will be standards, can do everything what flash can do. W3C is adding more functionality to HTML5 to go beyond the power of flash. Due to this Adobe is going to shut their flash business down. Indeed an era is going to be started known as the era of HTML5 that closed the doors for Flash.

Not only Flash, Silverlight i.e. a Microsoft’s answer to Adobe Flash will also be closed, which is almost the same thing like Adobe Flash but with a label of Microsoft on it. Such standardization will need support of browsers that render the HTML5 Content. For now, Chrome is ahead of all others in this task. After Chrome comes, Firefox and Internet explorer is way down in the list. Check the mock on Internet explorer here to see how poor their performance is in browsers market.

For the sake of completeness, let’s mention another technology which is already outdated but similar to Silverlight and Flash, that is Java applet. Java applets had a lot of boom and they are the trendsetters in this multimedia market. Java is a separate topic to discuss and have lot of contributions in this field but they will also be further eliminated by HTML5 and CSS3.

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