6 SEO Best Practices That Will Matter Moving Forward

The internet as we know is rapidly changing in a way like never before. Up until now, getting your website noticed in the SERPs (search engine results page) has required quite a bit of knowledge in terms of SEO tricks and keyword research. However, with new technologies and strategies for bringing users relevant information, the web and how users experience it is extremely close to changing for the better. Because of this, there are a few things you can know/do to prepare for the direction that the web is certainly heading in.

1. One of the first things you can do is optimize your content using Schema's (schema.org) tags. Schema.org is redefining search on the web by slowly moving away from the technical aspect of SEO and toward actual content and how relevant it is to a user's search terms. With Schema's tags, you can easily place a read-able description for search engines on your content so that they can direct users to it more easily. Schema takes meta tagging to a whole new level, and it will undoubtedly help users have an easier time when they look for your content that you have to offer.

2. Remember that the web and SEO is moving towards your actual content. The old saying, "Content is king," has never been more true. Instead of a website being ranked high because they targeted search terms with low competition, websites will soon be ranked on account of purpose. The more appropriate and relevant content will be ranked higher for search terms that they correlate more to. Instead of crawling for search terms and keywords, Schema will redefine search on the web by causing search engines to crawl information as a whole to gain a complete understanding of the information given.

3. Because the web is moving so quickly in this particular direction, it's best to take advantage as early as possible to gain an advantage over the competition. Just think, while your competition is still busy paying to target and maximize on keywords, you could be gearing your web presence for the direction that the web and search is about to take. Just because many other people are neglecting to acknowledge Schema's online presence so early in the process doesn't mean that you can't go ahead and start optimizing your content for it. Imagine, as soon as it is more popularly implemented, you'll already be completely optimized for it.

4. Google+ is also on the verge of significantly changing the game as far as web search goes. To understand how Google+ will do this, you first have to consider how product reviews influence purchases on the internet. It's not very likely that an online consumer will purchase an item without initially gaining an understanding of the product through product reviews. The odd part is that the consumer will take this information and advice to heart, even though the people providing the information are complete strangers. Now, imagine being able to get product and service reviews that you're searching online not only from strangers, but also from your friends, co-workers or family. For example in the future of Google+, if you searched for a cell phone online, you might get results for various deals, but you'd also see recommendations and "+1's" from friends near the top of the SERPs.

This is all from being connected via Google+. Additionally, this is a very realistic and probable strategy that Google is working on right now to change the way search works forever.

5. Start encouraging your users to +1 your content and spread hype about it. Because it probably won't be long before users start taking their friends' and family's "+1's" into account for choosing a product or service, you'll want to start building this number up early on. There is a very good chance that this type of search will absolutely take the internet by storm, and you'll want to be on top and ahead of the game as soon as it does. What do you have to lose? Spend time encouraging your users and educating them on the benefits of the "+1" that Google offers.

6. The best thing to do prepare you and your content for this change is to make sure that your website and content are relevant and recommendable. The internet is definitely on the verge of changing, and websites will be ranked more on what it offers rather than silly SEO tricks. Because of this, you'll want to be sure that you offer the internet something valuable. Is your content valuable to the rest of the world? If it is, you'll surely get an easy path when the internet moves in its transformation toward real people and away from algorithms.
Brian F is the in-house SEO for a virtual private servers provider based in North America. 

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