After Megaupload BTjunkie Goes Down

We all know BTjunkie as one of the best BitTorrent search engine but not now, yes btjunkie is no
more. The site has been shut down due to obvious reasons. In the morning I have tried to access  BitTorrent  and I was shocked to see  the message (see the screen shot below) posted there.

Why it was Shocking for me? 

It was shocking for me as the site was never involved in any legal action unlike others such as
4shared, mediafire, the pirate bay etc.

For those who don't know what btjunkie is, BTjunkie is a web web crawler used to search for torrent
files from various torrent sites available. The sites has alexa rank of 390 and visited by millions of people daily.  See the screen shot below to view the details of BTjunkie.

It doesn't matter if US government was unsuccessful to implement sopa/pipa, they can still shut down sites like Megaupload and Btjunkie without sopa/pipa and acta.

What you think about this issue, please add your thoughts in comment section below.

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