Get Ready for Google+ Games

Get Ready for Google+ Games

It looks like Google has some big features planned for Google+, including a Google Games product.

Engadget dug up some interesting pieces of the Google+ code. Specifically, I was interested in the references to “Google+ Games.”

The references to game invites and Google+ Games seem pretty clear. And while Google could always choose to scrap a Google+ Games product prior to its launch, I don’t think that’s what will happen here. The reason being Zynga, the creator of FarmVille many more social games.

Google invested more than $100 million in Zynga last year. The investment was intended to be part of a larger partnership. That partnership will conclude with the launch of Google+ Games.
I doubt it will be long before we learn more about Google+ Games. Zynga is likely to file for its IPO in the next few days, and we bet there will be a few reference to what kind of partnerships it’s exploring with the google. At the rate things are going, these services may easily be ready before we all get invites.

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