Some Good Reasons to Download Firefox 5

Some Good Reasons to Download Firefox 5

Firefox 5 created Lots of hype after its is not as big an upgrade as Firefox 4 was, it's been rock solid--and fast. Here are five good reasons you should download Firefox 5 as soon as you can.

1. Improved Privacy

Mozilla's Do Not Track your browsing history which gives users more

control and better Privacy. Now, in Firefox 5, Do Not Track is even

easier to find in the Firefox Preferences section.

2.Small and Fast

Firefox 5 is faster you will feel it when you upgrade your browser.

3. It Supports an Open Web

Firefox now supports HTML5, XHR, MathML, SMIL and canvas,
Firefox 5 is certainly the best browser choice for an open Web.

4.1000 Improvements

Mozilla announced 1000 improvements and performance enhancements that

have been included in Firefox 5. These tiny Improvements certainly

makes Firefox better.

5. Better User Interface

New Interface looks better and more responsive compared to older

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