Top 5 Twitter Apps

Top 5 Twitter Apps

1. Twitter Atlas

This is a flash application in which the users can locate themselves in a map.The screen refreshes every six seconds or so with a different Twitterer's status report; and profile details are displayed on top of their location on a map. A toolbox allows you to toggle between views - and the Microsoft Virtual Earth graphics are stunning.

2.Chromed Bird

Installing Chromed Bird adds a little birdie next to Chrome's spanner icon; click on it and you've got Twitter.


Tweetdeck is one of the most popular desktop apps for accessing Twitter. Tweetdeck provides a convenient way of handling numerous twitter messages in a single sitting.


The service is commonly used to manage online brands and to submit messages to the Twitter microblogging service.Companies and organizations known to use HootSuite include Facebook, the Obama administration, Martha Stewart Media, SXSW, Zappos, The Gap, LHC and Jimmy Wales (founder of Wikipedia).HootSuite provides a browser-based dashboard that allows users to keep updated on their Twitter account.


With Twitterfeed, it is easy to post straight to twitter, custom laconica installations,, and via, concurrently to the numerous services that are supported by

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