So, you got a new android phone. Migrating from other phones to android for the very first time? Here are some things which you should do before going on to enjoy the android experience.

1. Register on an app market

Besides the Android marketplace there are several other app market interfaces from where you can download third party applications. Get yourself registered on one of those and follow the other members to which are the apps to download and keep on your Android.

2. Get your Andy some Antivirus protection.

Although there are several different line of thoughts regarding having an antivirus for your Android but since most of us expose (or will eventually expose) our Android to untrusted applications it is highly recommended to get ANDY a  Antivirus. I use F-SECURE and advise the same to everyone.

3. Set up your work email

Android has a built-in email app which is although a bare minimum but still serves the purpose. You can also install better email apps on your android. Setting up an email account of a email provider like google, yahoo etc. is quite simple and I expect you must have done it by now. But you can also add your work email account to the email app to frequently get updates of your work email.

You’ll have to get few technical details from your IT department in your office and then you can easily setup your work email account. You can alter settings to change the notification and message checking. It is very useful as most of the office email servers do not offer a version which is mobile friendly.

4. Set your phone privacy right

If you have bought an Android for yourself be very sure that it is going to leave an impact on your life, within only a few days the phone will keep some of your most important secrets within itself and hence you must keep the same protected there are several apps in the marketplace that provide password protection for your installed applications one of those might be a handy option.

5. Get ANDY a good browser

I think the browser that comes installed with the Android is not worth and if you really want to get the internet experience then you should go for the better browsers that are available in the Android marketplace.  Opera and Dolphin probably seem to be the best choices

6. Get a case or cover for your Andy:

Android devices are normally touchscreen devices and hence it is very much advised that you get a screen guard or a case for your Android.

7. Install Dropbox

You might be using dropbox on your computer. Now, use it on your phone. Dropbox is a great service which provides you with 2 Gb of space on the cloud. Now you can install dropbox on your phone and now you can easily access the files from your computer. Just upload files from your computer to dropbox and using dropbox on your phone access them easily.

Go to Market app.

Search for dropbox and install it.

8. Get a file manager for yourself

A file manager is required so that you can see and easily modify the contents of your SD card and hence manage it well. AndExplorer is a best one out there. It allows browsing files and folders stored on device and sdcard. It can sort by name, size and date. Copy/Paste, rename, delete, create folder, send file as email attachment features are available. It is able to uncompress ZIP, GZIP and TAR files too. It can be called from another application through Intent facilities.

9. Add contacts to your home screen

You can easily add contacts to your home screen, so that with 1 tap you can call, sms, view facebook profile and do other task many with your preferred contact.

- Press and hold your your finger on an empty spot on any of your home screens.

- Choose ‘Shortcuts’ from the pop up menu.

- Select ‘Contact’ and scroll to find you preferred contact.

Now you can get in tough with your contact with just 1 tap.

10. Install a better music player

Although android native music app is decent but there are wonderful apps in the market which you ought to try out. Some of them are : Tunewiki, doubletwist,SoundHound etc.

You can search for the app in the market and install it. You’ll definitely prefer the new app over the native app.

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