Anonymous Have Come Out With New Trick To Join People On Website Attacks

 Of late, youmay see that many links from anonymous people are being poured into your inboxand you are constantly asked to click on those links. If, by mistake, you mayhave clicked on any one of those links, you are indirectly helping the onlineactivists in their attack on the US government and entertainment industrywebsites which have been organized to protest against the proposed SOPAlegislation.

Anonymous Have Come Out With New Trick To Join People On Website Attacks

These anonymous people have started denial of theservice attacks which have been especially designed to shut down the websites.Supporters want the people to download a software named Low Orbit Ion Canon(LOIC). They want the computers get directed to repeatedly connect to thetarget website. With so many digital knocks happening on the door, a websitecan get shut down.

When LOIC is used, the IP address of the individualcomputers who are trying to access the website can gets traced quite easily. Ifthis used, the participants can be traced and put for prosecution. But peopleare fearlessly downloading the software and it has been known that around19,000 people have downloaded the LOIC till now.

The fight between the Silicon Valley and Hollywoodis becoming hot with the implementation of SOPA and PIPA. If SOPA isimplemented, the activities on the Internet will become much slower and henceit will be a big loss to the Silicon Valley companies like Google and Facebook.Meanwhile the Hollywood companies are fighting it hard for the SOPA act as itwill put an end to the piracy of movies and songs and hence increase theirturnover and business to a great extent. Hence anonymous users are coming outwith a new tactic to avoid arrest of the users.

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