iPhone 4s- Technology and Nature

Steve Jobs was a fervent believer in the connection between technology and the humanities; many experts thought that both tributaries were almost naturally converging to result in a river of knowledge, innovation and progress. An example is the great iPhone 4s.

iPhone 4s- Technology and Nature

As we know, not only facts but also by the official biography written by Walter Isaacson, Jobs revolutionized many areas and many industries such as music, the animation and film, and of course the personal computer. However, his official biography also offers his view on something that will be unveiled in just days: his legacy, Apple has plans for education. For what we know about Jobs' personal life, there are three large and recent times in which he openly expressed the need to change the educational system, which hinted Apple plans to continue its expansion into this area: a dinner with Rupert Murdoch, in a meeting with Barack Obama, and a visit of Bill Gates.

Can you imagine an iPhone without a camera? The truth is that the phone would lose much if you do not have one, as more and more applications that can be given, besides being one of the most popular cameras on sites like Flickr or Twitter. When reading the news, many will think that, knowing Apple, it will not happen, not make another model as I thought. The funny thing is that no manufacturer is the company to delete the chambers of the iPhone 4s in Singapore, but the companies that sold there.

Modifications and Revelations

As reported by The Jakarta Globe digital publication, there are three iPhone 4s mobile providers in the country that are already making plans to price the new "no cameras". The reason for this change is only selling the Apple terminal soldiers who are prohibited from using devices with camera in their home bases. The M1 operator announced on its website even changed the phone, but this page was later withdrawn due to "changes in the service." All this seems to be a simple strategic move to win sales, since nearly half of the Smartphone’s in Singapore are now iPhones. With this, companies hope to reach a new market in which, until now, was denied entry phones like this.

Logically, one negative aspect of this is the loss of Apple's official warranty. This is completely nullified when another company unilaterally amending the terminal. No word yet on whether alternative operators offer a guarantee to cover the repairs at their own cost, obviously.

Many iPhone lovers are eager to unlettered jailbreak their iPhone 4S. From Unofficial sources many have been following the efforts of hacker pod2g and colleagues to offer this system to the new Smartphone on the block. Now this guy has released through his blog a video showing the progress carried out in this regard.
The video was shared by the known Chronic Dev Team, a group of hackers who are trying to exploit vulnerabilities in the system found by pod2g to provide a definitive solution to interested users. As you can see the iphone 4s is installed and it is able to restart to maintain the pre-jailbreak, as it gets run without problem after the restart Cydia.

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