Things to Do if You Want to Achieve Top Page in Google

For those of you who are just getting started in SEO, following are some helpful things that you should keep in mind if you want to achieve top page in Google for your website.

Use Your Keywords As The Anchor Text For External Links

This is rated by most industry experts as the top factor that could affect your site’s ranking. This could be obvious for most of those who have been into SEO for quite some time, but the importance of this factor cannot be overemphasized especially since there is still a proliferation of sites which are being linked by external websites and yet the anchor texts appear to be random across the various linking sites. This is a waste of a very useful tool that could have definitely helped them increase their ranking. Hence, it is very important that you decide on a keyword that you want to concentrate for your site and use it as your anchor text when other websites want to link back to you. You could always send a polite request to the publishers of these sites in order for them to make a subtle change or two. Just make sure that your keyword appears natural in the general flow of the linking article otherwise it may look out of place or even spammy.

Credibility Of Sites Which Are Linking Back To You

Your popularity with other websites is one way for Google to judge if you are a credible site or not, and worthy enough for them to include you on their top page for your keyword when the time comes. One way for them to know if your site is popular or not is through the number of links that your site is getting from other websites. It is not enough that you get a lot of back links going your way however. The quality or reputation of these sites will also matter as Google factors this into their algorithm as well. Do a little research on the sites which are linking back to you. Chances are, if they are also highly ranked by Google then it’s safe to say that they are deemed as credible sites. In this case it’s more about quality more than quantity, but take note also that in the internet world you will need lots of these quality sites linking back to you in order to register a blimp on the radar.

Link Sources Should Be Diversified As Much As Possible

Another factor that plays an important role in SEO is the diversity of respectable sites that are linking back to you. Meaning, you should be getting back links from as many different sources as possible, from high profile sites, blogs, comments, articles, rss feeds, social networking sites, and many more. If Google suddenly turns around and changes their algorithm by suddenly putting more emphasis on one source over the other, then at least you already have your stakes evenly spread out so that your site won’t be affected as much by any change in policies or anything.  

George Peterson currently works for one of the leading search marketing agencies in Denmark - Outrider. He currently works as a SEO manager. 

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