Bloggers Official Threaded Comments are Live Now

After many top blogs (including StylifyYour Blog) were
claiming that blogger will be releasing threaded commentssoon and guess what
they have officially announced the arrival of threadedcomments via blog post
on Blogger Buzz.

Official Statement :

Blogger now supports threaded commenting, which means thatit is now much
easier to differentiate between whether someone is making ageneral comment
on the thread, or responding to another comment on thethread.

Also Blogger team is going to host a Hangout tomorrow at 3pm PST with Patrick

Coleman, the Blogger engineer who developed threaded comments.

What are Threaded comment system?

Threaded Comments are nested comments like those in othercommenting system
like Disqus, intense debate, comment Luv etc.

For more clarification see screenshot below :

How to Enable Threaded Comments?

Step 1: Login to Blogger and select a blog to enableThreaded Comments

Step 2: Go to Settings > Posts and Comments  and set comment location to embedded.

Step 3: Go to Settings > Other

Step 4: Set Allow Blog Feed option to Full

Better Commenting System:

Now blogger team is working on commenting system, we caneven expect gravatar
support in future with better spam detection technique whichwill make
blogger commenting system much better than older versions.

How to Customize the new Threaded Comment System in Blogger? 

Don't worry we have a post for you

What are you waiting for start commenting on your favouriteblog also let us
know how this change will affect you, how it will changeblogger powered
blogs in the improved commenting system below.

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