Four Tips to a Great Landing Page

You may not exactly be a website creator by profession, but as a dentist you need to be aware of the basic ways to design your dental website. Having a website is not an end all be all goal because an ineffective dental website may just cost you money without delivering any results. A great landing page will help increase you convert visitors into paying patients. Although there aren’t any hard and fast rules to making an effective landing page, here are a couple tried and tested tips that could help:

1. Include a Clear Call to Action

This is something which almost any SEO expert will tell anyone with a website. Your dental website’s ultimate goal should be to convert visitors into patients and you can achieve this goal by leading traffic to your landing page. In order for visitors to make the conscious decision to become your patients, you need to make them act by making an offer. Your offer is an intrinsic part of sealing any deal so make sure that you offer your visitors something which is irresistible. For instance, you can offer your visitors a free dental check-up which will motivate them to visit your clinic or at least call your office.

2. Make Sure That Your Website’s Pitch is Consistent with Your Off-Page Promise

When you’re trying to market your services as a dentist, you’ll be using different online strategies. Consistency sells and this is why the message on your landing page should be in line with what the one projected by your dental blog, paid ads and submitted articles to prevent visitors from feeling misled. This is necessary because visitors will be directed to your landing page from blogs, article directories and other avenues.

3.  The Less Text, the Better

According to studies, website surfers aren’t keen on reading novel-length articles and write ups. People do not have the time or the patience to go through an entire 1,000 word essay on why your dental services are great. This is why if you’re going to make a point and sell your services, you need to do so right away. You can make use of bullet lists and easy-to-understand headlines.

4. Simple Design Wins

A good landing page isn’t cluttered. You can make use of images but make sure that they do not occupy a majority of the page. Give your readers a break, and use a font style and size that allows content to be easily read.

I hope you enjoy my post and find it useful. I like to write on the subjects of dental web page design and Dental Office SEO. Thank you for your interest, Elliot Pearson, Dentist Identity.

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