Motorola RAZR gets a new firmware update in Europe

Motorola has decided to update Motorola RAZR firmware in Europe, the update is

most likely to delivered within few days.Note that this will not update your

device to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich(aka ICS), the update will upgrade your

software to version 651.73.30.

Motorola RAZR gets a new firmware update in Europe

The update only enhances some of the features which are listed below :

* Preinstalled Evernote application
* Camera – General improvements to camera performance
* New Smart Rule trigger: Motion detection  
* Added security features : The device will be more secured  
* Improved Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi connectivity and call performance
* Localisation improvements

For update Go to  Settings>About Phone>System Updates done you are now updated

to version 651.73.30.

The Update will be rolled out in the following countries :

* Spain, Hungary, Italy, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Luxembourg,

Netherlands, Norway, SFR, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Sweden, T-Mobile

Germany and the UK.

How does this update affect you, what you was expecting please let us know in

the comment section below.

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