3 Effective Ways to Build Backlinks to a Blog

Building backlinks to a blog comes with many benefits. As a blogger, I’ve been striving to build a lot of backlinks to my weight watchers discounts and diet to go coupons blog. And during the process of doing this, I’ve learnt some effective ways to build backlinks to a blog. It’s not all the many ways people find easy to build backlinks to their blogs are rewarding. That is why you need to define what methods will be rewarding for you and your blog.
The search engine optimization or SEO benefits you’ll derive from building effective backlinks to your blog can double your search engine traffic almost overnight. What are these effective ways to build backlinks to a blog?

Guest Blogging 

Guest blogging, perhaps the best way you could build backlinks and drive targeted traffic to your blog, is an easy but yet effective way you can build backlinks to your blog. The most successful blogs have several guest posts with backlinks to their blogs. Aside the SEO benefit your blog is going to derive from your doing guest post for your blog, you are also going to gain new set of audience to your blog which is a very rewarding thing.
If you can work towards doing up to five guest posts to your blog every month, you are sure going to make your blog grow rapidly.

Blog Commenting

Blog commenting, though it looks obvious, is still very effective in building backlinks to a blog only if done the right way. Many bloggers when doing blog commenting do not even bother to confirm that the blogs they are commenting on is a “do-follow” comment enabled blog. You have to know that it’s not the quantity of comments you make that determines the quality of rankings your blog is going to get but the quality.
Another important thing you should always take note of before commenting on a blog is to read the article and make sure you understand the content before commenting on it. You might be surprised to find out that your comment may be deleted if you did not read the content of that blog before commenting on it.

Link Exchange

Link exchange is one of the most utilized ways of building backlinks to blogs. It is well used but still very effective. If you don’t understand the concept of link exchange, it involves you allowing a blogger to have a link of is blog on your own blog while he also reciprocates the same for you.
Though link exchange has been argued to be a wrong method of doing backlinks, it is still very effective and helps bloggers exchange audiences. It also improves your search engine rankings. If you could manage to exchange links with over ten bloggers, that literarily means you have ten links pointing to your blog.


The backlink building methods I have shared with you in this post are only going to work you if you follow the rules binding them. Building backlinks is not a bad idea, it can help you grow you blog significantly.

John Edget is an SEO specialist who also writes reviews for weight watchers promotion coupon and diettogo discount 15% on his blog. He loved writing for techniciablog.blogspot.com and wants you to learn more about weight watchers discounts and diet to go coupons by visiting his blog.

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