Daily Tech Wrap Up.

1.Android’s New Face Unlock Feature Can Be Fooled With A Photo  

2.Confirmed: Apple to Replace Defective 1st-Generation iPod Nanos With 1st-Generation Units

3.Rovio Opens The World’s First Angry Birds Store In Finland

4.Coca-Cola Launches Its First U.S. QR Code Program

5.Adobe product manager fingers Apple for death of Flash Player for mobile,

Admits HTML5 is the Future

6.Logitech drops Google TV, leaving Apple TV as dominant player

7.Apple Releases iTunes 10.5.1 Beta 3

8.Google Employee Nigel Tufnel Sends Invites For Mysterious Android Event
   November 16

9.Google Launching an Incubator in Israel

10.KinderTown Launches Educational App Store For Parents

11.Hulu Plus Will Compete With Amazon Instant Video On The Kindle Fire

12.Android App ‘Currently’ Taps Twitter To Track Breaking Tech News

13.Microsoft’s Former Virtualization Director To Launch PaperShare, A ‘Social

Content Network’

14.BlackBerry PlayBook To Come Pre-Loaded With PressReader: Instant Access To

2,000+ Newspapers

15.PlayStation Vita gets a content management app, plays nice with PS3 and PC

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