Top Technology News

1.Schmidt says Android came before iPhone

2.Firefox 8 Gets Native Twitter Search As Major Update

3.Apple's EasyPay/Personal Pickup Now Live

4.Internet Users Exceed 100m in India Reached 60 Billion Scrobbles

6.Twitter Hires on Oracle VP Development

7.200K iPhone 4S Pre-orders in Korea

8.Apple Kicks Researcher off App Store

9.Facebook to Launch Data Centre in Taiwan

10.HP Considering Sale of webOS

11.Spotify comes to Windows 7 Phone devices

12.Adobe Brings Elements to Mac App Store

13.Instagram Adding 1.5 Users per Second

14.Samsung Galaxy Tab Plus 7.0 Coming to T-Mobile on Nov. 16

15.Rumour: HTC Edge Will Be the World’s First Quad-Core Smartphone

16.Eric Schmidt: Microsoft Pushes Patent Deals Out Of Fear Of Android

17.Facebook Acquires Team Behind HTML5 App Platform Strobe Goes Global

19.Google Promises To Continue Offering Android For Free

20.Google Won’t Allow Contests And Promotions On Google+ Pages

21.Amazon’s Kindle Cloud Reader Now Available For Firefox

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