Daily tech news

1.White Nokia N9 is now available for preorder, will cost you €699

2.Facebook: India to Become Largest Market

3.Google Offers Goes Live in Brooklyn!

4.Adobe Stops Development of Mobile Browser Flash

5.Samsung launches a pink Galaxy S II in South Korea

6.Apple engineers: Siri will never be available for the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS or

the iPod Touch

7.Samsung Gets Apple's Carrier iPhone Info

8.AVOS Acquires for Delicious

9.Motorola RAZR now available in the UK

10.The quad-core HTC Edge LeakED

11.Galaxy Nexus to be priced at $289 at Costco

12.Walmart to Open Innovation Lab in India

13.ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime to Get Tegra 3

14.Siri not Coming to Older iPhones yet

15.US: 16,000 Stores Will Sell Kindle Fire From November 15.

16.Google+ Launches Official Pages Guide

17.Apple ships iOS 5.0.1 early to some Regular Users

18.Android distribution in October: Gingerbread takes the lead

19.Kobo and Its Ereader Acquired for $315 Million By Japanese ecommerce firm Rakuten

20.Google Says It Will Stop Supporting Gmail App for BlackBerry

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