Microsoft Quoted Xbox LIVE “Has Not Been Hacked”

Microsoft Quoted Xbox LIVE Has Not Been Hacked

Today Microsoft announced second time that Xbox LIVE has not been hacked as The

Sun newspaper was claiming that Microsoft were “covering up” hacks on the Xbox

LIVE service.

A Microsoft Announces in a statement :

“As we commented on Tuesday, the Xbox LIVE service has not been hacked. However,

we are investigating a number of recent customer complaints relating to Xbox LIVE

customer service – particularly in the way that we have processed refunds to

customers that have been victims of phishing related fraud.

“Consequently, we are taking several steps to address and resolve these

particular issues as soon as possible and working closely with our affected

customers to investigate and resolve any unauthorized charges made to their

accounts resulting from recent phishing scams.

“Finally we would like to apologise to any customers who have not experienced a

good service from us.”

Conclusion :

It seems that Xbox LIVE has not been hacked and affected accounts have been a

victims of phishing scams.What you think about this saga, do share your thoughts

in comment section below.

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