Daily Top Technology News

1.Twitter Wins Dispute Over

2.Apple releases iOS 5.0.1

3.Twitter Changes its User Interface, Looks Better

4.Facebook Sued In Germany Over Privacy

5.Angry Birds On PC To Hit Retail In Weeks

6.Android Sales up 1,000% in SE Asia

7.Adobe to Abandon Flash on Connected TVs, Too

8.Apple Fixes Critical iPhone Battery Issues With iOS 5.0.1

9.Hotspot Launches New iOS App

10.iPhone Accounts for 39% of Twitter Pics

11.Read & Listen Buttons Appear on Facebook

12.HTC Titan Coming to AT&T on Nov. 20

13.Facebook Brings Recent Stories Option Back to News Feed

14.Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Blowing Sales Records

15.Google+ Users Are Still Mostly Male

16.Amazon Buys a Voice Recognition Startup In order to compete with Siri

17.Google Adds +1 Button to Image Search

18.Google Buys Contextual Rich News Browsing Sta…

19.Google Buys Contextual Rich News Browsing Startup Apture To Beef Up Chrome

20.Amazon Ups Orders From Kindle Fire Suppliers To 5 Million Units

21.Windows Phone Targets India

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