Tech Wrap Up

1.Apple: iOS Battery Issues Persist

2.Google nets 65% of search in October

3.iOS 5.0.1 has Contacts, Battery Issues 

4.Digg Reportedly Sees 50% US Traffic Drop

5.Unlocked iPhone 4S Devices Shipping in 1 to 2 Weeks 

6.Google launches service for Veterans

7.Sprint Calls Time On Unlocked SIMs

8.Apple Sells Unlocked iPhone 4S In US

9.Amazon to Invest $100m in Indian Office

10.Brazil to Be One of Nokia's Top Markets

11.China's Top Microblogs Pass 550M Users

12.X-ray App Lets Users “See Through” Models’ Clothing

13.Hulu Plus and ESPN ScoreCenter Coming to Kindle Fire

14.Adobe Updates Flash Player for Android, Promises Future Security Updates

15.Share Google Reader to G+ w/ New Button

16.Add old photos to Facebook for Timeline

17.Facebook to make all sharing opt-in

18.Google+ Circles Get a Boost With Katango as Google acquires Katango, a startup that has developed advance people-sorting algorithms

19.Billy Crystal Announces on  Twitter That He’s Hosting the Oscars

20.First photo of the LG Nitro HD surfaces, lands at AT&T soon

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