Tech Wrap Up

1.Google Releases Chrome 15 and Web Store Redesign

2.Nokia Unveils Four New Series 40 Phones

3.Nokia Launches Their First Windows Phones: The Lumia 800 and Lumia 710

4.CBS Launches “60 Minutes” Chrome Web App, Features Interview With Steve Jobs


5.iPhone App Downloads Dropped In September

6.Social Gaming Network PapayaMobile Coming To iOS

7.Nokia Debuts Lumia Windows Phones

8.Nokia Announces Nokia Drive, MixRadio and Sports Hub

9.Yodlee Partners With Bank Of America To Bring Its Financial Apps To Online


10.Nokia Upgrades Its Augmented Reality Browser ‘Live View’

11.Red Gate Acquires Microsoft Partner And BizSpark Company Cerebrata

12.Amazon's Q3 Sales Up 44 Percent To $10.9B

13.Amazon's Net Income Down 73 Percent To $63M

14.The U.S. Requests More User Data from Google Than Any Other Country

15.Apple : Steve Jobs Bio v1.0 Had Bugs

16.Twilio launches in Europe

17.You can now preorder the Nokia Lumia 800

18.Nokia's New WP 7 Smart Phone Lumia means 'prostitute' in Spanish

19.Skype Announces Indonesia Operator Deal

20.Steve Jobs' Biography has 42 Chapters

21.Klout to launch score insights tomorrow

22.Video Calling Coming To WP7

23.Google Music To Launch In Two Weeks[Rumour]

24.HTC fixes Android data leak vulnerability - users told to update

25.Verizon Starting Motorola Droid RAZR Pre-Orders Thursday

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