Here are today's top technology and gadgets news.

1.Gmail to Unveil New Interface to Help Fight Information Overload

2.Ice Cream Sandwich Will Be Open Source

3.AT&T sold 4.8 million smart phones in Q3 2010

4.AT&T Surpasses 1 Million iPhone 4S Activations in Four Days

5.Sergey Brin & Vic Gundotra on Pseudonyms, Apps Users & the Google Plus Platform

6.New Security Threat: Infected QR Codes

7.BranchOut Launches Tool For Recruiters To Source Job Candidates On Facebook

8.Changers Launches Mobile, Social Solar Charging System For $149

9.Chrome Gets Text-to-Speech APIs

10.Sony Ericsson Plans To Release Android 4.0 To The Xperia Series In 2012

11.MC Hammer launching his own search engine

12.BlackBerry set to offer free apps for outage

13.Apple closing some stores during Wednesday memorial service

14.Sony Music Unlimited arrives for Android tablets, bearing gifts of unlimited music

15.ARM unveils Cortex-A7 processor

16.More Than A Million People Pay Tribute To Jobs At “Remembering Steve” Page

17.Over 3.4 Billion Photos Have Been Shared On Google+ In The Past 100 Days

18.Nokia to Announce Its Windows Phones Oct. 26

19.Zurb Releases a Flexible Foundation for Developers and Designers

20.Google+ to Support Google Apps in Next Few Days

21.LinkedIn Expands Into Japan

22.SRK to Hangout with Fans on Google+

23.Nokia Q3: Profits Better Than Expected

24.ASUS Show Off Upcoming Transformer Tab

25.Google’s Sergey Brin: “I’m Not a Very Social Person Myself”

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