Tech Wrapup

1.HTC launches Sensation XL - Full/Detailed Specs

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2.HTC Flyer: Best Buy says tablet’s price mistakenly mentioned $99

3.iPhone 4S Pre-Orders are Now Live

4. EU Approves Microsoft’s $8.5 Billion Acquisition Of Skype

5.Android apps to run on iPad with Alien Dalvik 2.0

6.YouTube Launches Movie Rentals For The UK

7.Mobile App Downloads To Reach 98 Billion By 2015

8.Rdio Announces Ad-Free, On-Demand Music Streaming

9.Facebook Launches New In-Line Translation Tool 

10.Samsung And Google Postpone Nexus Galaxy Launch Hours After A

Leaked Demo Video Drops

11.T-Mobile Introduces A Pair Of myTouch Handsets By LG 

12.Google’s Own YouTube Channel Confirms Ice Cream Sandwich’s Oct.

11th Debut

13.Sprint Opens Up Pre-Orders For The iPhone 4

14.Google Introduces Cloud Database

15.Google cancels product launch out of respect for Jobs

16.YouTube shows full-length films

17.Google Launches AdWords Mobile Call Tracking

18.Nokia Sea Ray Windows Phone 7.5 Mango set for November launch

19.Nokia India MD Shivakumar elevated to head 90 countries

20.Nokia CEO: Jobs known for simplicity, elegance

21.Motorola, HTC Confirm Support for Sprint 4G LTE

22.Samsung Galaxy Note coming to India, expected to cost about
   32,000 INR

23.Samsung Electronics threatens 2nd patent war with Apple

24.Walt Disney acquires all of Indiagames in $80-100 mn deal

25.ZipPay To Launch New Mobile Payments Service Cheaper Than Square

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