Sony Hacked Again : Is Sony has become Soft Target for Hackers


Three days ago Sony warned thier users that they have detected massive attack on 

Sony Entertainment network, PlayStation network and Sony Online Entertainment

networks.Sony is countinuously threaten by hackers, most of the hackers treat

sony as soft target due to thier trivial and vunerable networks and servers.If

you are new to hacking you can try your hands on sony's old aged networks and


Sony was hacked by group of hackers called Lulz Security, the same group that was

responsible for hacking into PBS'(Public Broadcasting Service) site recently to

post fake news claiming Tupac Shakur was alive.The latest hack results into 1

million user accounts beeing compromised.

Lulz Security claims that hack was performed with a simple SQL injection. The

group's posted name, e-mail, password and date of birth, and home address of 

50,000 sony users  on web in a RAR file.

What do you think about these attacks against sony, do share your thoughts in


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