Top Technology Trends On Web.

1.Singaporeans Spend The Most Time On Facebook Per
  Session[Hitwise REPORT]


2.Microsoft's Antivirus Microsoft Security Essentials Detects Google

 Chrome As Malware

3.You Spend 8 Hours Per Month on Facebook

4.Google Maps Launches Helicopter View of Your Route Sued Facebook Over Timelines Trademark

6.Amazon’s $199 Kindle Fire has $209.63 Production Cost

7.Google has launched its first beer

8.Google opens first Apple-style store

9.Google CEO Larry Page returns to Google+

10.Facebook changes may send millions to Google Plus

11.Security flaw found in AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II

12.Samsung brings Galaxy Tab 8.9 to the US, despite lawsuits

13.Could Yahoo be acquired by Alibaba?

14.Yahoo introduces Photo Session for Flickr

15.Samsung rolls out ‘bada 2.0’ developer day global tour

16.Samsung brings Galaxy Tab 8.9 to the US, despite lawsuits

17.Microsoft and Samsung reach patent authorization agreement

18.IBM Tops Microsoft in Market Value

19.Facebook, Twitter Usage Increases Companies’ Security Risks

20.Pandora Slapped With Lawsuit for Facebook Integration

21.Amazon's Silky Web Browser May Go PC, Android

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