Here are today's top technology and gadgets news trending on web.

1.Motorola Unveils Droid Razr, World’s Thinnest Smartphone

2.Samsung Galaxy Player 4 and 5 Now Available in the U.S.

3.Twitter Has 100 Million Monthly Active Users; 50% Log In Every Day

4.Twitter CEO: Promoted Tweets Working “Better Than We Could Have Ever Hoped”

5. Apple to Release its Fourth Quarter Today

6.RIM Announces The BBX Platform, The Future Of BlackBerry

7.RIM Announces 1 Billion App World Downloads

8.Oracle Acquires Enterprise Search And Data Management Company Endeca

9.Gogobot unveils its first mobile iOS app

10.HTC Acquires Inquisitive Minds For $13m

11.Apple Website Leaks New MacBook Pros[Rumour]

12.Hong Kong Government Releases iPad App

13.Microsoft to Release its First Quarter (fiscal year) Earnings on Thursday

14.HP TouchPad gets webOS 3.0.4 update, now able to answer calls from non-webOS


15.Galaxy Nexus images and specs leaked

16.Dropbox Raises $250M In Funding, Boasts 45 Million Users

17.Twitter CEO On When Users Will Be Able To “Liberate” Old Tweets: We’re Working

On Working On It

18.Twitter Is At 250 Million Tweets Per Day

19.Yahoo Exec : Yahoo is “Fine” Despite CEO Troubles

20.New Social Network Chime Combines Twitter, Blogging and Reddit

21.Microsoft to bring its BI(business intelligence) tools to iOS

22.Musicians are the most liked on Facebook

23.iOS 5 Already Installed On 1 In 3 Eligible Devices

24.IBM Posts Q3 Revenue Of $26.2B

25.Google Wallet Now Lets You SingleTap That App

26.Apple is selling 16 iPhones per second

27.Canon announces EOS-1D X with $6,800 price tag

28.Logitech M525 wireless mouse lasts three years on a single pair of batteries

29.Nokia Essence promises 99.8 percent noise cancellation

30.BlueSLR dongle arrives for BlackBerry and (some) Android phones

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