Here are today's some to the top trending technology news

1.Nexus Prime launches as Samsung Galaxy Nexus

2.Google Makes Search More Secure For Signed-In Users

3.Apple Updates Steve Jobs Tribute With Comments From Fans 

4.Siri Now Works With Task Management App Remember the Milk

5.Amazon Responds to Silk Privacy Concerns, Says Cloud Acceleration is Optional

6. Google has added more than 50 new features to Google Docs Presentations

7.LinkedIn Debuts Classmates To Help You Stay Connected With Your Fellow Alumni

8.PunchTab Releases New iOS App PunchBowl

9.TagMan Raises $5 Million To Track Online Ad Campaigns

10.Accel EIR Steps In As CEO Of Online Payments Platform Braintree

11.Ice Cream Sandwich Update Coming to Motorola Droid Razr in Early 2012

12.Ballmer : We’re beating Google in the cloud

13.Andy Rubin: There Are 6 Million Android Tablets Out There

14.Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer on Not Buying Yahoo: “Sometimes, You’re Lucky”

15.Meeker Says Majority Of Pandora’s And Twitter’s Traffic Is From Mobile Device

16.After 400 Million Downloads, Angry Birds Introduces New Bird; Movie Confirmed

17.Intel’s Q3 Results: PC And Cloud Growth, Atom Market Continues To Shrink

18.Yahoo Q3 Revenue Down 5 Percent To $1.07B; Net Income Down 26 Percent To $293M

19.PlayStation Vita to Launch in the U.S. Next February

20.Motorola Challenges The iPod Nano With MotoACTV Smart Watch

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