Daily Tech Headlines

1.Amazon To Introduce a New, HTML5-based ebook Format Called Kindle Format 8

2.Google+ : Larry Page Now Beats Mark Zuckerberg

3.WikiLeaks Temporarily Stops Leaks Due to Lack of Funds

4.Apple Has Refreshed its MacBook Pro Lineup With New Processors And Graphics


5.Google+ To Integrate With Blogger Soon

6.Sencha Launches Mobile HTML5 Cloud,

7.Netflix Coming to UK and Ireland in 2012 Brings IM Chat To Twitter, Know If Your Friends Are Online

9.Sony Acquires Netblender, A Developer Of Blu-ray Disc Creation Tools

10.Oracle Buys Cloud-based Customer Service Company RightNow For $1.5 Billion

11.Netflix And Amazon To Enter Video Streaming Battle In Europe

12.Steve Jobs Bio Now Available On The Kindle And In iBooks

13.China Mobile hits 10M iPhone users

14.Google Launches Person Finder In Turkey

15.Google dumps + from Boolean search tool

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