Here are today's top 20 technology news.

1.iPhone 4S Sales Exceeds 4 Million in the First Weekend

2.U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron Joins Foursquare and LinkedIn

3. Samsung Filed Injunctions to Block iPhone 4S Sales in Japan and Australia

4.Adobe Reader App Lands On iPhone and iPad

5.RIM Offers Users Free premium Apps After BlackBerry Service Outage

6.YouTube Now Allows Music Partners To Sell Merchandise, Digital Downloads And

Event Tickets

7.Samsung and Google announcement will happen Wednesday

8.HTC loses early decision vs Apple at U.S. ITC

9.Google to invest in cheer mobile growth

10.Google Chrome Remote Desktop Extension Goes LiveChrome Passes Firefox Market

Share For The First Time

11.UNL professor uses Google Plus to hang out with students

12.Google Body relaunches as Zygote Body app

13.Microsoft gives £28 million to Nokia and Samsung

14.Kodak to give free photo printing for Facebook likes

15.Microsoft unveils Cloud for SA

16.Samsung Galaxy S Sales Hit 30 Million

17.Samsung to unveil new Android model on Oct 19

18.HTC CEO receives honorary degree from Taiwan university

19.Samsung, LG and ZTE discuss OS wars at The Open Mobile Summit

20.Sony Reader PRS-T1 hacked to run Android apps

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